Types of Safes

Protect your family and your firearms with a gun safe from Bill's Lock and Safe. We carry a variety of gun safe makes such as Liberty, American Securities, Cobalt.

Having a gun safe will enable you to lock up your firearms from children and protect your valuables from theft and or damage. With your guns locked up and your valuables protected you will have peace of mind knowing a potential personal disaster has been avoided.

When we sell a safe, local delivery is generally included. There are some factors such as stairs and the degree of difficulty that will affect delivery charge. Call or come by today and tell us about your needs.

Gun Safes

These safes are the-do-all safes, available with varied degrees of fire protection, available with burglary protection, come in sizes that will accommodate one rifle to as big and as many guns and goodies as you can put in one. They come in a multitude of styles, colors, and textures. Gun safes can make great furniture pieces in your house, or they can tuck neatly in a closet area. They have a variety of interiors from industrial metal shelves to lavish carpet, with adjustable shelves, built in gun holsters, automatic lighting, surge protector for multiple plug-ins, built-in jewelry cases, mirrors, fine wood finishes, and leave the imagination open.

Fire Safes

Designed to keep the inside temperature of the safe at 350 degrees fahrenheit or below in up to 1400 degrees fahrenheit of heat. Paper (money) starts to char at around 375 degrees fahrenheit. Fire safes vary in amount of time and degree of temperature they withstand by the construction, design, and manufacturing materials of the safe.

Data Safes

Similar to a fire safe but can withstand higher heat and maintain a lower degree of heat on the interior in a fire, to protect sensitive contents, such as media tapes, back-up computer hard drives, computer software, vinyl record collections, and any other heat sensitive material.

Depository Safes

Great for business applications, were large amounts of money need to be deposited in a safe, but require limited access to employees. These safes come in several different designs, such as two door, three door applications, they come in front and top loader versions, they are have lock variation you can imagine, using combination dials, push button safe locks and or keyed locks that require two different keys to insure there are at least two people their every time the safe is opened. With depository safes you build them just about way to fit your needs. If you own any size business you can and will benefit from owning a depository safe.

Jeweler Safes

Are pretty self explanatory. They come in a variety of theft ratings that are designed to guarantee the amount of time it would take a PROFESSIONAL safe technician to drill open, knowing the exact drill points, and having the exact tools for the job. Jeweler safes offer unbeatable protection against theft.

Wall Safes

Great safes for concealment, we have all seen wall safes hidden behind pictures, camouflaged into the wall by decorative accents or complete furniture fixtures. These safes are great protection due to the fact usually the only people who know where the safe is, are the people that should have access to it.

Floor Safes

Also offer great for concealment with added fire and theft protection, just by design. Floor safes are designed to go into concrete but can be installed in many different applications. When installed in concrete, these safes have automatic have fire protection and would be harder to access from a would be thief. That is if they were able to locate concealed under the provided floor plate.

File Cabinet Safes

Again self explanatory, offer fire protection for file size documents and records and are assembled with regular file cabinet locks and are available with more secure locking systems.

Safe Hardware

We have safe specialist who are able to obtain parts and repair safes as needed. We also offer a safe restoration service.

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